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Plants VS Zombie 2 - Game of the year

Descriptions :

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a very nice game, this game created by PopCap Games. This game has a storyline about defending your home from zombie attacks are dangerous. To build a strong defense used a variety of plants as the bastion.

Plants VS Zombies 2 is suitable for anyone played, ranging from kids, teenagers and even adults though. Yes, this will be an exciting experience in the world of this game.

If you are a hard worker who is busy with the activities of the office, I am sure you would feel tired thinking of all your tasks. Maybe times like this to be the right time for you to give a little refreshment room for the brain to be a little rilex to play Plants vs Zombies 2.

From some of the information I get, it looks like fans of the game very much at all. And of course the game Plants vs Zombies 2 become famous and known by anyone.

  • The game of Plants VS Zombies 2 plays in the same manner for the original: you place plants round the left side in the screen, while zombies stumble in within the right.
  • Each plant features a different ability from walnuts that offer as obstacles to peashooters that become automatic turrets as well as the goal is always to steer clear of the undead from throughout your protection. It's the same casual undertake strategy that made the initial PvZ a breakaway hit, as well as the follow-up doesn't wreak havoc on it a lot of. Rather, it evolves it with new competitors and unit types, as well as the additions are nearly entirely welcome.
  • The fire place-breathing snapdragon can be a particular standout, shooting flames at multiple zombies simultaneously, because the undead ranks are actually elevated by sarcophagi-wearing zombies together with a sailing captain and also the plant-stealing parrot. Combined with more recent and much more effective level designs.
  • The additional plants and zombies add plenty of interesting proper options to PvZ 2. You'll find also new small-games and challenges to keep things fresh.
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Plants VS Zombie 2 - Game of the year