Free download Games, software full version, Crack, Patch, Movies, and many more. Feel Free your download. Patch v2.0 #Released on 08/07/2013

Good morning AnonCyber's friends.. Ok,now I would like to share a game.. Not a game but it just an update for PES 2013 which created from Indonesian people..

[ New Features ]

x Update Promotion Team
x Update New Transfer
x Update New Faces
x Update New Kits
x New Graphic
x Fix Austria bug in FL
x Adding 4 New Stadium (Gajayana, Maguwuharjo, Gelora Bung Karno, Gelora Bung Tomo)
x Adding 70+ Callnames for ISL

[ General Features ]
x Licensing EPL and Zon Sagres league
x Correcting Player's Name
x Standalone Patch
x Standalone DLC
x Standalone Launcher
x Adding ISL (Indonesia Super League) and 2 Indonesia League (Second Division)
x Adding 200+ Face and hair for ISL team 
x Update Transfer for ISL
x Adding Indonesia and Malaysia national team available for Match and FL

[ Bug ]
Please find them ,and tell me!

[ Download Link ] [Original/Official links]
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6
*It is just temporary links[links from patcher],I'll make a mirror links soon..

[ Credit ] 
PesIND Patcher 
kevinfatli,RicoNmz, sonydoni , irvanlana , dody08 , fajarnauval

Additional Patcher
ikaru111,ikhsan,ilhan,barcafan,w!ld@,jenkey1002,metay,ardhy child,rizky2f, fajarnauval, moozyedogawa, dody08, ginda01, wiragian, ayiep

Big Thanks 
God Almighty

Pro Evolution Soccer Indonesia Forum
Indonesian Patcher
PES 2013 Facemaker
PES 2013 Kitsmaker
PES 2013 Stadium Maker
Visual Basic 10
And all of our beloved people !

15 komentar:

Radytea said...

gan, ane kan udah install patch 3.6

kira" bisa loncat ke Pes1ND v2.0 ga ??

cara-segiempat said...

Mantap gan, ijin download

Bagus Santoso said...

PESEdit kah.. ?? Ini beda Patch mas.. Standalone,bisa bisa aja asal datapack harus sama untuk menghindari hal-hal yg tak diinginkan :t:

dni123 said...

Gan mirror TORRENT dong, pliss :)

Bagus Santoso said...

Thanks bro.. cek blog.. :b:

Bagus Santoso said...

I'll try it if I can.. But,Thanks for visit :t:

Anonymous said...


Bagus Santoso said...

All links have been checked.. semua masih bisa dipakai mas.. :t:

Anonymous said...

bro tlong dong kok lambang club enta apa tpi isinya isl y wkkk ngkak gw:o:

Bagus Santoso said...

saya bukan patcher mas.. :j: tapi masukan ini akan saya laporkan ke patcher semoga di fix :t:

Bagus Santoso said...

Oya nih tambahan mas : Rajin-rajinlah membaca READ ME.. karena segala sesuatunya sudah ada dalam READ ME tersebut :d:

Angga Prasetya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angga Prasetya said...

Gan Single Link Di IDWS donk !! :v
Di Atas Part 2 , 4 , 5 , 6 Eror Gan :v !!
Tolong Di Perbaiki :v

Bagus Santoso said...

semua part bisa hanya saja server ssl yang lagi down.. Bisa dicoba kembali nanti sore atau nanti malam :t:

shovan said...

part3 ma part5 error sob.
tolong diperbaiki Patch v2.0 #Released on 08/07/2013